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PRD Group (Pascal Retailleau Development, name of its founder) is composed of three French companies, all specialized in Industrial Filtration Engineering: SCAM Filtres, Filtration SA and Technofiltres. All our filters are made-to-measure and can be adapted to each client's process, according to their own operating conditions or working environment. PRD Group's annual turnover is 10M €, of which 35% are made on foreign markets. Find out more about our three companies and their activities.

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Filtration SA was founded in 1964 and joined PRD Group in 2007. Filtration SA is specialized in design, manufacture and sales of industrial filters with textile bags, metallic baskets or cartridges (consumable or cleanable elements).

SCAM Filtres was created in 1930 and belonged to the ALSTOM Group for several years. SCAM joined PRD Group in 1998. SCAM Filtres designs, manufactures and sells custom-made self-cleaning filters. Our workshop is also equipped with a Test Centre.

Technofiltres has been created in 2007 by PRD Group to sell products of the Group. Its team of regional Sales Engineers is available to advise you and offer you a filtration solution optimized for your process.